DOT CONNECTOR STUDIO: Helped to launch business from start-up phase; serve as research consultant on projects with clients including some of the most prominent media foundations and social impact media producers.

HAPPY STRATEGY: Helped to launch creative culture agency from start-up phase; developed comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate multiple dimensions of organizational culture; participate in research and content development related to changing organizational culture.

ARTEVISTA FILMSDeveloped curriculum, university study guide, and activity booklet to teach about gender-based violence using the award-winning film Justice for My Sister in collaboration with filmmaker Kimberly Bautista.

CENTER FOR MEDIA AND SOCIAL IMPACT (formerly Center for Social Media):  From 2009-2012, conducted research and writing on the future of public media, and worked on the development of new model of impact measurement for media projects.

MEDIA EDUCATION LAB: Created media literacy curricula addressing civic engagement, substance abuse, and copyright; oversaw development, research and strategy for national grants, conducted quantitative evaluation of PBS Student Reporting Labs, a national youth journalism program.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LATINO INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS Conducted evaluation of the Latino Producers’ Academy, a residential program for documentary filmmakers.

NEW ENGLAND BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Conducted multi-year research on problem- and project-based learning in the United States and internationally.

REAL BOY: Developed study guide for documentary film that takes an intimate look at gender, family relationships, and acceptance.

WORKING FILMSConducted qualitative evaluation of Reel Education, a program combining training, strategic partnerships, and events for documentary filmmakers focused on education.

YOUTH AND GENDER MEDIA PROJECT: Developed study guides for four short films focused on youth and gender.