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It took a group of heartbroken teenagers to move the needle on gun violence. Here’s how they did it, Media Impact Funders.

No comments? NPR’s decision highlights difficulties in evaluating news engagement, Media Impact Funders.

Learning to Engage: How Positive Attitudes about the News, Media Literacy, and Video Production Contribute to Adolescent Civic Engagement, Educational Media International.

Towards a Pedagogy of Fair Use for Multimedia Composition, Copy(write): Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom.

5 Great Media Literacy Programs and How to Assess Their Impact, PBS MediaShift.

Public Media Experiments Show Promise, Need to Involve Public, PBS MediaShift.

Is There a Master Metric for Evaluating Public Media? PBS MediaShift.

Why Youth Media Projects Should Link Up with Public Media, PBS MediaShift.

10 Projects that Help Citizens Become Government Watchdogs, PBS MediaShift.

Using Copyright and Fair Use, Youth Media Reporter.

Youth Participation and Media Literacy on, Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education.

Research Reports

Strategy 2030: Wikipedia’s role in shaping the future of the information Commons, Dot Connector Studio for Wikimedia Foundation.

Harnessing Documentaries for Social Change, Dot Connector Studio for Culture Lab.

Refining New Forms of Community Engagement, Dot Connector Studio for National Black Programming Consortium.

Media and Information Literacy Integration at Mark Day School, Media Education Lab.

Refining New Forms of Community Engagement, Dot Connector Studio.

Program Evaluation: PBS Student Reporting Labs, Media Education Lab.

Research on Journalism and Public Media, Center for Social Media.

Research Support

Funder Perspectives: Assessing Media Investments, Media Impact Funders.

Spoiler Alert! How Progressives Will Break Through with Pop Culture, Tracy Van Slyke.

Social Justice Documentary: Designing for Impact, Center for Social Media.

Investing in Impact, Center for Social Media.

Spreading the Zing, Center for Social Media.

Scan and Analysis of Best Practices in Digital Journalism In and Outside U.S. Public Broadcasting, Center for Social Media.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education, Media Education Lab.

The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy, Media Education Lab.


Justice for My Sister: Educational and outreach materials for the award-winning film Justice for My Sister.

Real Boy: Study guide for documentary film Real Boy (forthcoming).

Youth and Gender Media Project: Curricula for four short films addressing youth and gender.

Pushing Back: Media literacy substance abuse prevention curriculum for high school students.

The Media Straight Up!: Media literacy substance abuse prevention curricula for middle school students.

Access, Analyze, Act: A Blueprint for Civic Engagement: Civic engagement curriculum for K-12.

Teaching about Copyright and Fair Use for Media Literacy Education: Copyright and fair use curriculum for high school and university students; included the production of four short videos.

Empowering Girls through Media and the Arts: Media literacy and body image curriculum for tween girls.

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